Yes, but …

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Questions put to the Canadian Government by the Great Peace Journey in October were answered “Yes, but if:

  1. Are you willing to forbid your country’s defence forces from leaving your territory?
  2. To forbid nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in your country?
  3. To forbid the export of weapons from your country?
  4. To cooperate in joint action so that clean water, food, elementary health care and school education will be guaranteed to all people?
  5. To solve future conflicts with other nations through peaceful means?

if all other UN members do the same?

For a complete text of the answers, contact John Valleau, Dept. of Physics, University of Toronto.

The annual Gandhi Peace Award has gone this year to Dr. John Somerville, founding president of International Philosophers for Prevention of Nuclear Omnicide. Dr. Somerville, in fact, coined the word “omnicide” meaning “to kill all humans”. The word appeared in his article “Human Rights, Ethics and Nuclear War” in Peace Research: A Canadian Journal of Peace Studies, 14(1), April, 1982.

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