Nuclear Weapons


Science for Peace began in the 1980s as a group of scientists concerned about the danger of nuclear war. This focus continues through the nuclear weapons working group, educating the public and decision-makers about the catastrophic humanitarian effects of nuclear warfare and promoting nuclear disarmament.

"An understanding of what nuclear weapons do invalidates all arguments for their continued possession and requires that they urgently be prohibited and eliminated." - Dr. Tilman Ruff



Group Leaders

  • Rob Acheson: 905-706-3741
  • Barbara Birkett:
  • Mike Nevin:

The Nuclear Weapons working group meets at:

4:00pm on the third Monday of each month                                     NEXT MEETING APRIL 15th

Ryerson University   Jorgenson Hall                                                             

7th FLOOR BOARDROOM                                                                           

380 Victoria Street, Toronto

Members also collaborate via email. We welcome concerned citizens who are not members of Science for Peace. Contact Rob Acheson to be included in our email exchanges.

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Upcoming Events

Attend a lecture, seminar or forum to learn more about how Science for Peace and our Working Groups are making a difference.


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