Nuclear Weapons


Science for Peace began as a group of scientists who worried about the danger of nuclear war. Today, this working group still continues to function, educating the public and decision-makers about the catastrophic humanitarian effects of nuclear warfare, and promoting nuclear disarmament.

Group Leaders

  • Rob Acheson,
  • Mike Nevin,

The Nuclear Weapons working group usually meets about once a month in a private home. Members also share information with each other by email. We welcome concerned citizens who are not members of Science for Peace.

It has been said that not until nuclear weapons are used again will the public pay adequate attention to the threat. However, with nuclear weapons more prominently in the news, hopefully we can engage both the media and the public on the issue, build civil society momentum, and avoid such a catastrophic scenario.

North Korea’s nuclear tests and Donald Trump’s tweets on escalating the arms race have pushed nuclear weapons into the headlines and have renewed the irrational defence of the doctrine of nuclear deterrence. Our own Canadian government, as a NATO member, has been spewing out the convoluted arguments in many letters to our Working Group members.

The vengeful ghost of mutual assured destruction is being fleshed out and is regaining its place as something to fear. Over the past couple of decades’ humankind has become distracted by other worries, such as global warming, pandemic disease, economic meltdown, terrorist attacks… and we have allowed the existential threat from nuclear weapons to drift from our consciousness. However, current events are waking us up and reminding us that these insanely destructive weapons must be abolished before they abolish us.


Upcoming Events

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