Vital Discussions of Human Security: Fall 2014 series

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Weekly Public Lectures on Vital Global Issues

During the fall 2014 academic term we met on Wednesdays from 4:00-6:00 pm in Room 140, University College, 15 Kings College Circle, U. of Toronto. Videos of most lectures are available on YouTube (as shown below).

10 Sep 2014:
Panel Discussion: The War in Syria and Beyond
Atif Kubursi, Emeritus Professor of Economics, McMaster University, Gloria Nafziger, Refugee Campaigner, Amnesty International, and Husam Wafael, Retired Canadian Forces Officer, Founder & President of the Syrian Canadian Foundation for Humanity
17 Sep 2014:
Practical Technologies to Save Lives: A Demonstration for Humanitarian, Peacekeeping Missions
Walter Dorn, Professor of Defence Studies, Canadian Forces College and the Royal Military College of Canada
24 Sep 2014:
Nothing Accomplished: Our War in Afghanistan
John Duncan, Ph.D. Director, Ethics, Society, and Law Program, Trinity College, U of T
1 Oct 2014:
Insights about the Ukraine Crisis from a Stay in the Caucasus
Matthew Light, Professor of Criminology and European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, U of Toronto.
8 Oct 2014:
International Criminal Law on Trial: An Assessment
Jamie Rowen, Assistant Professor (CLTA) of Criminology and Sociolegal Studies, U. of Toronto
15 Oct 2014:
Challenges Ahead for Kosovo
Robert Austin, Ph.D. Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Centre for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, U of Toronto
22 Oct 2014:
Big Business and the Re-shaping of North America
Richard Roman, Associate Professor Emeritus, Sociology, University of Toronto
29 Oct 2014:
Alternatives to Fossil Fuels: Is the Bio-Economy the Answer We’ve Been Looking For?
Kean Birch, Assistant Professor, Business & Society Program, York University.
5 Nov 2014:
Israel: A Nation-State?
abraham Weizfeld, Ph.D. UQAM, Toronto-raised Jewish refugee descendent.
12 Nov 2014:
The Politics of Decay: Nuclear Nationalism
Emily Simmonds, Ph.D. Candidate in Science and Technology, York University
19 Nov 2014:
Education for Security Leaders: A Global Survey and Research Agenda
Lt. Col. (ret.) David Last, Associate Professor of Political Science, Royal Military College
26 Nov 2014:
Revolution, War and Terrorism: Evidence From the Family Photo Album.
Jack Wayne, Ph.D. Founder of Canadian Scholars Press.
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