Two Men

I wonder if long ago,
Long ago,
Before dinosaurs walked,
Or turtle’s swam,
Before Earth’s cap was wooded.
Before Arabia was anchored in sand,
I wonder if two men way back then
While the world longed
For a master plan
To unite two ideas
That threatened a clash
That would bring an end to Man.

I wonder
If these two men
Could not agree,
Then went their separate ways
And a big bang dissolved
In a searing flash
To end their scale of days.
I wonder
If slowly life started again,
To begin what we know today – The search for Shelter,
The building of tools,
The long moil of work and play.

I wonder
If a quiet brooding Being
Covets a special space
And tolerates Man as long as two men
Acknowledge their proper place.

Murray Wilton November 21, 1985

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