Tritium & Hydro

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In 1987 Ontario Hydro will start removing tritium from the heavy wa­ter used in its reactors. Tritium is an essential component of nuclear warheads; and Ontario Hydro, wishing to exploit the element commercially, is faced with the problem of reas­suring the public that none of its tritium can be used in the American nuclear weapons program, either di­rectly or indirectly. To that end, it is inviting public input into the establishment of guidelines for the exploitation of this product.

Briefs from interested organiza­tions and individuals are welcomed on the issue. Deadline is Jan. 15, 1986, for the public consultation. Background material is available from David Hardy, M.C.I.P., Senior Community Studies Planner, Ontario Hydro, 700 University Ave., Toronto, M5G 1X6.

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