To Be at Peace: Twenty-four Small Steps towards Lasting, Active Peace-on-Earth

  • They say “Peace, Peace”, when there is no definition of Peace.
  • A war-filled future would be: most tragic; so learn: Active Peace (a Happier Way).
  • Active Peace is not Perfect Peace; but Active Peace is Enough Peace.
  • Active Peace is the Spirit in Moderation.
  • Human Living is: Moderate Activity.
  • Harmony is: the Safe, Moderate, and Happy Interactivity of Things, Plants, Animals, and People, Day-after-Day
  • It doesn’t matter what the issue is — there shouldn’t be excessive conflict.
  • The Way of Peace is not always My Way — often the Other must have His-or-Her Way.
  • To anyone: your rules are not my rules. Yet we live together.
  • Fools do too much or too little.
  • Balance between: Gentleness and Mild Aggression.
  • Each Day should have enough trouble, but not too much.
  • Excessive conflict destroys, but mild conflict creates.
  • Between boredom and war there is: Mild, Happy, Harmless Conflict.
  • Mild opposition strengthens us, but very strong opposition weakens us.
  • Our Life should be: not too boring, but also: not too violent.
  • Sometimes we require a little bit of Mild Conflict, to resolve a Problem.
  • There is no just war and no just civil war. Excessive fighting is evil; both sides are guilty.
  • About war-crimes: war (=excessive conflict) is the crime.
  • One accepted role of the nations is: to have wars. What lousy role models the nations are!
  • To strike back is escalation of conflict. If both sides strike back automatically, there is no Hope.
  • “All or none”: The destructive powers of all the nations should be abandoned to secure all peoples’ future.
  • Peace-on-Earth? Now we have to work with existing systems, including the fact that the other nations are armed.
  • World-Disarmament will be difficult. We have to try. For the children.

Hugh F. H. Dobson works at the Canada Centre for Inland Waters, Burlington. Address: 426 Seneca Ave., Burlington, Ont L7R 3A2

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