The Little Folk

Pixies in the basement
Delving by day and night
Burrowing new labyrinths
Free from the bane of light.
CIANSC – Alphabetic codes galore,
Buzzing hives of acronyms
Below the main street floor.
Furtive gnomes in Zurich,
Shadow fronts for Iran,
Disclaim the veriest, tiniest clue
Where their caching role began.
Gremlins in Honduras,
Riding contraband,
Peeking at anti-aircraft puffs,
Seeking a spot to land.
Leprechauns in Eire,
Elves guised as wizened old men,
Fretting for an expatriate,
Cobbling beyond their ken.
Pixies, gremlins, lubricans,
A capricious, cabalic crew,
Flirting extravagant changes,
Brewing an Irish stew.

— Murray Wilton

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