The Kurdish Situation in Northern Syria: What Must be Done to Stop Violence

As an anti-war organization, Science for Peace opposes military intervention, both as an ethic and as a researched conclusion about the catastrophic practices and outcomes of war. Trump’s withdrawal of U.S. troops from northern Syria, leading Kurdish civilians to flee en masse from the Turkish military intent on ethnic cleansing, has led to calls from across the political spectrum for a short-term U.S. military presence. Trump leaves a small military force in Syria to protect oil fields but not the Kurdish people who had been U.S. allies. While there is widespread horror about the betrayal of the Kurds, absent is consideration of a range of possible immediate non-military interventions or of addressing the underlying causes, not only of the Kurdish disaster but of the failed states and massive civilian casualties in the Middle East and North Africa. A report just released states that U.S.-led wars since 9/11 killed 801,000 people, with the researchers warning that the true toll is likely 3.1 million people – mainly civilians.

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