The Future of Russia

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Andre Kamenshikov, a sociologist and activist for peace and human rights from Moscow, spoke on Friday, March 31, in the series of University College Lectures in Peace Studies, on: “Human Rights and the Chechen War: The Future of Russia”

He is the C.I.S. representative of an important Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Nonviolence International, and gave an eye-witness account of the Russian-Chechen conflict. Andre Kamenshikov believes firmly that only NGOs can provide a solution to this, and many other, conflicts. He urges Science for Peace members to make contact with NGOs in Russia (and there are many) by e-mail, or otherwise.

Contacts through whom you might find the addresses of these NGOs include:

  • Andre Kamenshikov:
  • Ross Wilcock:, fax: 519-837-8816
  • Eric Fawcett:, fax: 416-978-7606
  • Andrew Pakula:

Copies of his talk are available from the Science for Peace office.

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