The Bulletin

All Bulletin issues from Vol.1, No.1 (May 1981) to present are now available in text and PDF. Issues are organized in reverse date order. Some recent articles have comments, the number of which are shown in parentheses in the summary list on this page.

The Science For Peace Bulletin features articles dealing with the state of peace, justice and human rights in communities in Canada and around the world by members of Science for Peace and guest contributors.

Issues of The Bulletin can be viewed in either HTML or PDF. The pre-2001 PDF versions are fairly large as they are page scans, rather than generated PDFs.

The PDF version is, in most cases, the final edition prior to the issue date, and will not have been subsequently edited.

The HTML version, on the other hand, may omit some time-limited information and correct or update other information, links, and so forth.

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