STOP PRESS: Psychologists for Social Responsibility meeting in Toronto

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Psychologists for Social Responsibility meeting in Toronto, Friday Aug 9 to Monday Aug 12 Sheraton Centre on Queen’s Street at Nathan Phillips Sq.


1:00-1:50 Meg Houlihan: Clinical and Applied Practice in Peace Psychology
5:00-5:50 Come by and say hello! See our displays and resources.
6:00-6:50 Lloyd Etheredge: Conflict Resolution on the WWW: Weekly Seminar


8:00-8:50 Harvey Langholz: The Psychology of Peacekeeping: Genesis, Ethos and Application.(Continental breakfast available, donation requested)
12:00-12:50 Scholarship for Peace: A Conversation with Ralph White
1:00-1:50 David Boyer: Div. 48 Student Activities Working Group
2:00-3:50 SPECIAL SYPOSIUM honouring Anatol Rapoport, Essex Room
Anatol Rapoport will give a 45 min talk: “Counter-productive Consequences in the Application of Rational Models to the Quest for Peace and Social Justice” followed by four 10 min talks by Marc Piliusk, Ethel Tobach, Deborah Winter and Ralph White, and an open discussion.
4:00-4:50 Steve Handwerker: The Spiritual Dimension of Peacework


8:00-8:50 Mike Wessells: The Role of Div. 48 on Advocacy & Work in the Public Arena. (Continental breakfast available. Donation requested)
12:00-12:50 Meg Houlihan & Deborah DuNann Winter: Div. 48 Peace Psychologists as Partners in Sustainable Development
4:00-4:50 Mike Wessells: PsySR Dialogue with Canadian Colleagues from Science for Peace
6:00-9:00 PsySR Party-Everyone invited! Come and relax with your colleagues and friends, and meet new ones.


8:00-8:50 Anne Anderson: Networking Continental Breakfast (donation requested)
9:00-9:50 Marc Pilisuk: Graduate Opportunities in Peace Psychology
10:00-10:50 Anne Anderson, Dan Christie and Ross Wilcock: Chechnya: Lessons and a Search for New Approaches
1:00-1:50 Linden Nelson: Div. 48 Peace & Education Working Group Meeting
4:00-4:50 Michele Stimac & Judy Van Hoorn: Div. 48 Feminism and Peace Working Group Meeting
6:00-9:00 End of Program Get-Together: Everyone invited!

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