Science for Peace Summer Internship Program

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This summer, as in the past, Science for Peace is giving a number of students in Toronto the opportunity to engage in research and other activities through the Summer Internship Program. Under the supervision of Vice-President Walter Dorn, the majority of students are working on projects associated with the United Nations. As well, a number of interns are assisting Science for Peace by contributing their time to administrative, fundraising, and other activities. Interns are working anywhere from 10 to 35 hours per week on their activities.

This year’s interns are Baljeet Bhachu, Andrew Fulton, Ritu Khanna, David Messenger, Karl Michelazzi, Eric Mullerbeck, Shailini Rao and Apphrodite Sahlas. Their projects range from studies of early warning in the Rwanda massacre, to UN activities in Cambodia, to a comparison of fact-finding under the League of Nations and United Nations. For more information about the internship program, please contact the office of Walter Dorn, (416) 978-1614.

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