Science for Peace Statement on the NATO-Serbia War

The NATO-Serbia war has already caused much dying and suffering and has created a very dangerous situation for the region and beyond.

Science for Peace urges:

  • That there be an immediate stop to the violence by all three parties to the war, Serbia, NATO and the KLA; the killing and maiming must end
  • That there be no naval blockade by any name; the escalation of the war must be stopped
  • That Canada, in the name of humanitarianism, open its doors wide to Albanian Kosovars and Serb dissidents and deserters
  • That Russia continue to play a key role in negotiations and in subsequent peacekeeping in Kosovo so as to lessen the risk of a new Cold War
  • That the UN lead and direct in both of the above; it remains our only hope for global peace and order
  • That Canada should cease all military participation in the war; what is presently being done is neither just nor productive
  • That NATO states provide infrastructure adequate for reconstruction and reconciliation.
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