Science for Peace and INES

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Science for Peace became a Member Organization of the International Network of Engineers and Scientists for Global Responsibility (INES) in the Spring of 1992. It was decided that instead of making a financial contribution as an organization, Science for Peace. would encourage its individual members to make an annual personal donation to INES.

Financial Donations to INES

either mail to the office of Science for Peace, your cheque being made out to Science for Peace, but clearly identified as a donation to INES or transfer the sum directly through your bank to Postgiro Hamburg, Reiner Braun, Andrea Bonertz, No. 1672-50-209, Bank code 200 100 20. We suggest your annual donation to INES should match the annual Science for Peace membership fee of $50 ($10 for student or underemployed and $15 for retired). We expect the work of Science for Peace increasingly to be coordinated with the Network Projects of INES, so that your contribution to INES indirectly helps Science for Peace.

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