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MY MANDATE was to foster “useful peace related” research by Canadian scientists and to keep members of Science for Peace informed of what research of this kind is going on or contemplated across the country. A network of associate research directors across the country is in place now to work toward these objectives. Research associates are C.C. Bigelow (Winnipeg), Kenneth Dunn (Halifax), Helga Guderley(Quebec City), C. S. Holling (Vancouver), James King (Toronto), Robert Korol (Hamilton), Robert Malcolmson (Kingston), Peter Nicholls (St. Catharines), David Roulston (Waterloo), Leroy Sanders (Ottawa), G. P. Semeluk (Fredericton) and Philip Wallace (Montreal).

A working group on the Prevention of Chemical / Biological Warfare has been launched under the leadership of Arthur Forer. The group’s mission is to establish communication between Canadian experts, develop up-to-date expertise so as to be able to formulate positions for SfP and to develop the capacity to inform the public.

Unfinished Business: documentation of members’ research projects and continuing discussion with CIIPS about funding matters. The practicalities of proposal assessment by the research directors also require further thought and discussion. There are practical difficulties with timing and communication which make a critical review of proposals difficult.

— Paul LeBlond

T. C. Hutchinson and Derek Paul have received grants from the :Nuclear Safety Review Committee to prepare briefs. The Committee, chaired by Kenneth Hare (who headed the Royal Society’s Nuclear Winter Study), will report to the government by October.

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