Reports available

The Science for Peace office has copies of reprints of the following technical article on the seismometry of verification of nuclear test ban treaties:

  • K-Y Chun, G. F. West, R. J. Kokosky and C. Samson “A novel technique for measuring Lg attenuation — results from eastern Canada between 1 and 10 Hz”, Bull. Seism. Soc. America, vol 77, No.2, April 1987, pp.398-419.
  • J. Scrimgeour, “International Stability — An Information and Control Systems Study of the Process”, presented at the IFAC/SWIIS Workshop on International Conflict Resolution using Systems Engineering, Budapest, June 5-8 1989.
  • Alex C. Michalos, “Trust and the Quality of Life” (‘first draft, comments welcome’ on title page) 1989, 44pp.
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