Recent E-Mail Notices

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We list the titles of recent SfP member network e-mailings, to inform members not on e-mail (and to remind those who are). Please contact the SfP Office if you would like a copy of any of these notices.

  • 10 Sep: The 1996 NORAD Agreement by Ann Denholm Crosby, Political Science, York University
  • 20 Sep: Canberra Commission calls for abolition of nuclear weapons, a summary of the Report by David Krieger of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation
  • 03 Oct: Canada and Star Wars by Bill Robinson of Project Ploughshares, Board Member of SfP
  • 16 Oct: Environment Assessment Hearings on AECL’s Nuclear Waste Management and Disposal, papers and a call for action by the Working Group on Energy, by Helmut Burkhardt, Secretary of SfP
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