The National Research Council of the USA reports (Toronto Star, Nov. 27, 1984) that the U.S. stockpile of aging, militarily useless and extremely. dangerous chemical weapons stored at eight army bases is leaking. The stockpile will have to be destroyed in the next decade or two at a cost of $2 to $4 billion (US).

Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei. Gromyko and U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz meet Jan. 7-8 in Geneva, Switzerland, for preliminary talks to prepare for resumption of arms talks between the two countries. Aim of the talks: limiting nuclear spending. Says the New York Times News Service (Dec. 27, 1984): “The, beneficiaries of a successful round of negotiations would be the U.S. budget deficit, interest rates, bond prices and common stocks. The big loser could be military stocks.

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