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The following papers are available from Derek Paul, Director of Publications, Physics Dept., University of Toronto, Toronto M5S 1A7

W. Dorn and D. Paul (June 1988)
The brief of Science for Peace to the Third United Nations’ Special session on Disarmament, 6 pp, and the verbal summary of the same brief as read to the Committee of the Whole, 2 pp.
W. Dorn ( Peace Magazine Oct/Nov reprint)
PAXSAT: a Canadian Contribution to Arms Control, 2 pp
W Dorn (Workshop report Sept 1987)
Satellite and Airborne Surveillance: for arms control verification, crisis monitoring and sovereignty purposes. 3Opp
W. Dorn (Brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Research, Science and Technology, May 1987)
A Role for the Canadian Space Agency in Developing Surveillance Technology for Peacekeeping, Arms Control Verification and Sovereignty
W. Dorn (Workshop report Oct 1986)
Peacekeeping Satellites. 8pp
W. Dorn (July 1986) Directory of Canadian Scientific Expertise: peace and security aspects. 7Opp
P Ehrensaft (1988)
A Nuclear Watergate.
West Germany’s “Transnuklear Affair” (abridged version) 4pp
E. Fawcett and W Dorn (Sept.1987)
Regional Satellite Monitoring Agency a Canadian Perspective ( a preprint) 5 pp
E. Fawcett and D Paul (Feb 1987)
Conventional and Chemical Disarmament as Confidence-Building Measures leading to Nuclear Disarmament. 3 pp
A. Forer (1984)
Canadian Military Research on Biological and Chemical Warfare. Revised edition 28 pp 53 references
G. W. Hoffmann (Discorder Oct 1987 Vol V No 9 preprint)
Interviews. 3pp
G. W. Hoffmann (Bulletin of Peace Proposals Vol 8 No 1, 1987 reprint)
A Theory of War and a Strategy for Peace: Selective Societal Processes and Communication between Nations. 6 pp
G. W. Hoffmann (Oct 1986)
The Use of the Chess Clock in Formal Discussions and Debates. 1 p
J. C. Hutchinson and J Chouinard (Aug 198’7)
Environmental and Agricultural Consequences of a major Nuclear Power Plant Accident 49 pp
A. Kahane, R. Hay, L Sobrino, and A. Spence (Jan 1983)
The Cruise Missile: a Canadian Perspective 167 pp
G. W McGrenere (May 1985)
Why are we stalled??? This unpublished paper was circulated and read at the Conference on European Security in Toronto May 1985
D. L. Parnas_ (Aug 1987)
STEP at Queen’s. A proposal to establish an institute “Science and Technology Educating the Public” at Queen’s University. 3 pp
D.L. Parries (1988)
Building Helpful Fences
D. Paul (Sept 1987)
Peace Research (a preprint) 24pp
D. Paul and B. Southern (Aug 1987)
Radioactive Air Monitoring: A survey of Ontario, 52 pp +23 diagrams
D. Paul (Sept 1986): To Stop or not to Stop the Nuclear Arms Race: Comments on a Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban 12 pp
D. Paul (July 1986)
Measures that may help to bring about disarmament in the 1980’s. 16 pp
D. Paul (1985)
Radioactive air monitoring as a verification measure to complement seismic monitoring of a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. 10pp
G. R Pharand and F. W Rudmin (June 1988)
US invade Canada? A Phenomenology of Paranoid Process in International Relations. 6pp
L Sobrino
The US Strategic Defense Initiative: should Canada participate? 8 pp
M. D. Wallace, B.L Crissey and LI. Sennott (Aug 1985)
Accidental Nuclear War: a Risk Assessment 28 pp
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