Propaganda, Terrorism and Security


The Propaganda, Terrorism and Security Working Group will engage in interdisciplinary and critical analysis of the driving forces behind organized persuasive communication (including propaganda and information operations), covert and politically motivated intimidation and violence, and issues in the international security sphere.

Whereas other Science for Peace working groups specialize in certain areas, this working group plays an important role in addressing the concerns of many Science for Peace members regarding a broader range of issues that receive little critical attention in the major institutions of our society. In this regard, the working group will focus on approaches that are critical of the dominant discourse (i.e., established academic literature in Critical Terrorism Studies) but will also include diverse perspectives from all sides. This probing is crucial as it affects peace research and the very solutions that are proposed for conflict resolution.

The working group aims to provide a valuable educational forum through presentations and articles, and engage policy leaders and the larger public. In an effort to reinvigorate Science for Peace, we welcome all concerned citizens and scholars.

Group Leader:

  • Adnan Zuberi, Chair,

Internet Resources & Social Media