Peace and Sustainability Education

Who we are:

Participants in the Working Group on Peace & Sustainability Education, are members of a joint group from Science for Peace (SfP), International Holistic Tourism Education Centre (IHTEC), and the Council on Global Issues (CGI).

Many of this group participated in the “Interdisciplinary Conference on the Evolution of World Order.” You are invited to join by sending your bio to both Julia Morton-Marr .


To research peace and sustainability education; develop and promote programs; hold video-conferences and round-tables; observe current educational practices in education.

Communication: Electronic discussion lists

The high level academics involved in Peace & Sustainability Education around the world. This groups evolved from EWOC, CGI and IHTEC.

IHTEC has three other yahoogroups:

  1. Professional Development for Teachers in schools: .
  2. Peace Professionals and NGO’s involved with IHTEC. .
  3. Circumpolar climate change professionals: .

Other discussion lists include:

  • Canadian Peace Institute, Bob Stewart
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