Peace and Protest in the UK

From Peace News

  • On June 21 the Uranium Weapons Network was launched as part of the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium.
  • A bridal die-in was held to commemorate the bombing of a bridal party in Afghanistan, one of several bombings by US and NATO forces.
  • Trident Ploughshares blockaded four gates at Aldermaston’s Atomic Weapons Establishment to protest the new nuclear weapons facilities.
  • Protestors from Manchester’s Plane Stupid formed a human wheelclamp around a business jet.
  • About 800 people attended the Carnival Against the Arms Trade at the EDO Brighton arms factory.
  • Every Tuesday the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases meets to protest at the spy base at Menwith Hill.
  • A Scottish Arms Conversion Agency is being suggested to demand that savings from not replacing Trident submarines go to local civilian jobs.
  • In June “Boiling Over: Scotland’s Gathering for Climate Action” was hosted in Glasgow before the August Summer Camp for Climate Change, one of many peace camps.
  • The Darby peace camp, set up opposite the Rolls Royce factory which makes power systems for nuclear submarine, continues to demand the factory be converted to peaceful uses.
  • Also this summer was the launch of the Meat-Free Monday initiative supported by Sir Paul McCartney.
  • A Coal Caravan toured the UK, blockaded a coal conference and invaded the offices of a construction company.
  • In June the House of Lords ruled the use of secret evidence breaches human rights legislation. However Parliament vetoed a war crimes tribunal for Blair and Brown.
  • People exposed to nuclear tests in the pacific in the 50s can now sue the government for resulting ill health.
  • In most cases some protestors were arrested, tried in Court, fined and some were jailed. Many were members of the venerable Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.
  • For more information read “Faslane 365: A Year of Anti-Nuclear Blockades” ed. by Angle Zelter.
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