As intelligent living beings gifted with a moral sense, humans share responsibility to help humans, animals and Earth itself – its air, water, plants, trees – to flourish. Science, as the instrument of reason, should be dedicated to creating peace and justice, thereby nurturing life in human societies, among nations, and in nature. 


Reflections on the Origins of SfP by one of its founders, Derek Paul



Podcast for Global Conversations on Science for Peace


Part 1: In this episode, Paige Smith speaks to Professor Richard Sandbrook about his organization, Science for Peace, and how it is working to educate and conduct research in the fields of peace, sustainability and justice.




Part 2: In this episode, Paige Smith talks to  Sara Beiruiti and Christian Tramontin – the Munk students running the on-campus Science for Peace group at the University of Toronto – about their organization’s ongoing engagement in the conversation about climate change and non-proliferation.



Science for Peace Tributes and AGM

June 29, 2021, 7 PM ET

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AGM: Business

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