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Write directly to the addresses given with titles for prints or offprints of the publications that interest you. Where known, prices are given — add an amount for postage.

Titles available from the S4P office have been priced to include postage.

  • George Ignatieff, Inaugural Address, 1984-85 Lecture Series in Peace Studies, University of Toronto, S4P office, $1.30.
  • Arthur Forer, Canadian Military Research on Biological and Chemical warfare; complete manuscript and bibliography. S4P office, $2.75.
  • Arnold Simoni, New Approaches to Restabilizing the International System_. S4P office $1.64.
  • Norman Alcock and Arnold Simoni, The Peacemakers Association DI Nations, Canadian Peace Research Institute, Huntsville, Ont. POA 11CO, 1983. $1.00 plus postage.
  • William Epstein, ‘Arms Talks: Time to Get Back on the Track”, Toronto Star, Sat., Sept. 15, 1984. S4P Office, 50 c.
  • Donald Bates, ‘Links Cut Off Nose to Spite the Face”, The Globe and Bail, 10/2/84. S4P office, 50 c_._
  • Charles Davis, ‘Peace Advocates Deserve Support’, St. John’s Telegram, St. John’s NFLD, 1/9/84. S4P office, 50 c.
  • John C. Polanyi, “A Test Case for Sanity in Space’ (11/22/83) and ‘History Will Judge -Cruise Decision’ (2/11/83), The Globe And Mail, Toronto, Ont. 50 c each, S4P office.
  • Ian Carr and P.M. Kelly, ‘The Nuclear Winter Hypothesis’. SfP office, 50 c.
  • Michael Wallace, ‘Accidental Nuclear War: A Risk Assessment’, paper presented to Second World Congress of Arts and Sciences, Rotterdam, June 1984. S4P office, $1.65.
  • George Spiegelman, Nuclear Arms: A Canadian Perspective, Dept. of Biology, UBC, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 2A9. Available in either French or English, $5, or both languages, $10.
  • The following manuscripts and reprints by Anatol Rapoport are all available from the S4P office at the price cited. Postage included.
    • A.R., ‘Prospects of Global Demilitarization’, Bulletin of Peace Proposals, Int’l Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway, Vol. 14, No. 4, 1983. 75 c.
    • A.R., ‘Preparations for Nuclear War — The Final Madness’, American journal of Orthopsychiatry, Vol. 54, No. 4, Oct., 1984. 75 c.
    • A.R., ‘On Deterrence”, presented at Annual meeting of AAAS, New York, May, 1984. manuscript, 75 c.
    • A.R., ‘Maintaining a Chronic State of war’, presented at Conference on Labyrinth of Fear, Oct. 12, 1984, Milan, Italy. Available in English and Italian, $2.50.
    • A.R., ‘The Technological Imperative’, $1.75.
  • William Eckardt is our ‘American Connection”. Write to him at Peace Research Laboratory, 2000 Main 211, Dunedin, Fla., USA 33528, for prices — they will be in American dollars. His most recent publications:
    • ‘Global Imperialism and Global Inequality’ International Interactions, Vol. 11, Nos. 3-4, 1984.
    • ‘Peace Studies and Attitude Change’, paper presented at June 8- 10, 1984 CPREA Meeting at Guelph University.
    • ‘Pioneers of Peace Research’, International Interactions, 10 (2), 1983.
    • ‘Atrocities, Civilizations and Savages’, Bulletin of Peace Proposals, 13, 343-349, 1983.
  • Hanna and Alan Newcombe, editors, ‘Accidental Nuclear War, The Growing Peril’, Peace Research Reviews, Vol. IX — 4 and 5, Canadian Peace Research Institute, 25 Dundana Avenue, Dundas, Ont. L9H 4E5. $3.00 each.
  • Derek Paul, ‘Myths and Security’, personal memoir. S4P office, 50 c.
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