Meeting with Peace Magazine

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The Bingo Committee of Science for Peace and the Board of Peace Magazine will hold a meeting at 11 Thornwood Road, 2 p.m. to discuss the future of the BINGO fundraising operation and the relationship between SP and Peace Magazine in this matter. In particular, it is known that Peace Magazine cannot survive at its present level of income, including the support it receives from the sale of space in its pages to SfP. Currently SP purchases eight pages per issue for its articles printed in the Magazine, the pages being earmarked with our Logo.

Members of the Board of Directors of SP are invited to attend. The meeting will make recommendations to the Board to be considered at the 19 March meeting.

Since there are some strong opinions held for and against BINGOs as a fundraising method, it would be useful to those attending the 5 February meeting to have such opinions available, in writing if the member concerned cannot attend. Opinions from members of SP who are not Board members will also be welcome. Write to The Bingo Committee, Science for Peace.

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