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Toronto, 27 Aug.

May I say how very much I agree with your letter in today’s Globe and Mail? I very much resent being told by Washington that a ban on the testing of nuclear weapons in not in my interest. I am also concerned at the speed with which Russian proposals in this area are rejected with the accusation that the Russians cannot be trusted not to cheat. There seems no thought for the fact that the Russians would have to trust the Americans not to cheat, and that they seem prepared to take that gamble.

-J. Gittins

Darmstadt, 17 Sept.

I have now received my first issue of your BULLETIN. Many thanks. I shall send you shortly in exchange a copy of the publication Wissenschaft und Frieder, which in West Germany is the most important voice for the peace movement among scientists. I belong to the editorial board of this journal.

– Garnot Böhme

Technische Hochschule (Translation)

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