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To join Science for Peace as a member and receive information regarding our activities, please complete our membership form.

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Donations can be sent to the office or made online through CanadaHelps.

Contact the Science for Peace office:

355 University College
15 King’s College Circle
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 3H7

Telephone: 416 978 3606





We welcome your involvement as a member. See our Membership page for more details.

Science for Peace is a registered charity. Donations can be sent to the office or made online through CanadaHelps.

University of Toronto Campus Group—Science for Peace at U of T

Visit the U of T campus group homepage here. There is also an online membership form for those interested in joining. For further information about the group’s activities, please contact the President.

Franz Blumenfeld Peace Education Fund Trustees

(2018-2019) Walter Whiteley, Margrit Eichler

Email lists

Science for Peace utilizes several email lists (aka listservs) to accommodate communications with our members and supporters. For access to any of these email lists, please contact the office coordinator at


(formerly SfPnotices) This listserv is intended to promote respectful, thoughtful, and robust discussion about current events that are important to the SfP community.

The views expressed in these email posts are those of individuals posting to the listserv, and should not be construed as the views of Science for Peace or its members. If the views, which are expressed in these email posts, are deemed to offend the community standards of SfP, the SfP Executive will direct the moderator to remove access of the poster to this listserv.

No moderation except in cases of spam emails (e.g., trying to sell things).1 Also, see the SfP Listserv Community Standards below.


(formerly SfPmembers) This listserv is for member related emails only (AGM notices, annual reports, etc; no events emails unless they are for the entire country). All posts are moderated.1


This listserv is for Science for Peace Board Member emails related to the operation of the organization. No moderation except for non-organizational emails / spam / non-Board members.1


This listserv is for Science for Peace Executive Member emails related to the operation of the organization. No moderation except for non-organizational emails / spam / non-Executive members.1

1 If you have multiple email accounts, please note that the account you normally use may not necessarily be the one you were originally subscribed with. Please inform the office if, for example, your gmail or Yahoo account is now your primary account. This will help avoid situations where a long-standing member is flagged as a ‘non-member’ due to an unfamiliar email address.

SfP Listserv Community Standards

When you share your thoughts on our listservs, please keep your content relevant to the topic and avoid repetitive posting. Be respectful and courteous, as if you were having a face-to-face discussion. If you are writing about legal issues, remember that people are innocent until proven guilty (that may mean using words such as “allegedly”). Any content that is offensive and likely to expose an individual or a group of individuals to hatred or contempt on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age or mental or physical disability is not acceptable. Please respect other people’s privacy by not including personal information (such as phone numbers and email addresses) or private dialogue. Be sensitive in regarding the death or injury of private individual.

There is zero tolerance for:

  • Pornography, vulgarity, obscenity or sexually explicit content
  • Anything illegal
  • Hate speech
  • Threats, harassment
  • Personal attacks, insults and defamatory statements
  • Threats or suggesting committing a criminal act
  • Commercial promotions (advertising products or services)
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