Join Science for Peace

Some people initially get acquainted with us by participating in one or more of our working groups or the University of Toronto campus group, and then may decide to apply for membership. There is no membership fee for working groups or the campus group. However, we expect the chairperson and at least three members of each working group to be full members of Science for Peace, and of course we hope that others also join.

Science for Peace by-laws specify that two-thirds of its members shall be scientists, scholars, engineers, and technologists. Since about one-third belong to other sectors of society, Science for Peace provides a useful interface between universities and the wider society, combining scholarly research with education and activism. We invite applications from a diversity of persons who share our commitment to share knowledge relevant to serious global problems.

To apply for membership, fill out the directory form at . At their next monthly meeting the Executive Committee will review your application and normally will respond by welcoming you as a new member. (We need to screen applications so as to maintain the mandated composition.) Membership will begin when you are accepted as a member.

You will pay your dues to the office or online though CanadaHelps and receive a password that enables you to search the directory to contact other memĀ­bers.

Annual Dues: Regular MemĀ­bers: $60. Sustaining Members: $100. Unwaged / Student Members: $20.