Index of member publications 1986-1987

Index Of Member Publications December, 1986-December, 1987

These papers are available at no charge from the Bulletin. A contribution to cover costs of of printing and mailing is appreciated.

  • Christian Bay, Human Rights, Political Obligation and Legitimation Theory
  • Hans Blumenfeld, Does Deterrence Deter War?
  • Ken Burkhardt, Foundations and Applications of General Systems Theory with a Focus on Science Education
  • Frank Chalk & Kurt Jonassohn, A Typology of Genocide and Some Implications for the Human Rights Agenda
  • Carol Cohn, Sex & Death in the Rational World of Defense Intellectuals
  • Phyllis Creighton, Brief to the Interfaith Hearings on Nuclear Issues
  • Chandler Davis
    • Sociobiology’s Claim to Explain Humanity
    • La sociobiologie et son explication de l’humanité
    • Background to Funding
    • Issues in the American Math Society
  • Walter Dorn, The United Nations, Nuclear Disarmament and BGOs
  • Michael Duguay, In Search of Schroedinger’s Cat, 1987
  • William Epstein
    • Nuclear Testing, Illusion and Reality
    • Is Canada Joining the Arms Race?
  • Eric Fawcett and Derek Paul, Conventional and Chemical Disarmament as Confidence building Measures Leading to Nuclear Disarmament
  • Arthur Forer, Chemical and Biological Weapons
  • Franklyn Griffiths, New Thinking in the Kremlin
  • David Horwood and Peter Grogono, Star Wars
  • George Ignatieff
    • Has Containment Worked?
    • Vision of a Nuclear-Free Canada
  • William Klassen, Science and Religion: Partners for Peace
  • Robert Malcolmson
    • The Pursuit of Security in the Nuclear Age
    • Nuclear Weapons and the Averting of War
  • Barry O’Neill, Game Theory and the Study of the Deterrence of War
  • David Parnas, Star Wars, Dream or Nightmare?
  • Derek Paul, Peace Research
  • Anatol Rapoport
    • Perspectives on the Study of Conflict
    • The Redemption of Science
  • Floyd Rudmin, Anti-War Psychologists: August Forel
  • Stephen Salaff
    • Canada and Yellow Rain: Time for Re-evaluation
    • Better Trade with Russia
  • Dieter Senghaas, Transcending Collective Violence, the Civilizing Process and the Peace Problem
  • Elizabeth Wilton, On the Role of the United Nations with Reference to Canada
  • Murray Wilton, An Open Letter to the Hon. Daniel Inouye
  • Walter Zessner, Technological Utopianism: Towards a Dynamic Analysis of Paradoxical Relations between Visionary and Utopian Ideations

Books Authored Or Edited By Members, 1987

These books are available at your local bookstore. If not, write the Bulletin for publisher information.

  • Hans Blumenfeld, Life Begins at 65: The not Entirely Candid Autobiography of a Drifter
  • Archie Harms and Douglas Wyman, Mathematics and Physics of Neutron Radiography
  • Leonard Johnson, A General for Peace
  • Walter Dorn, Peace Keeping Satellites
    The Bulletin has a consignment of this book. Make checks payable to PRI-Dundas. $8.00.
  • Pierre LaPlante and Joseph Levy, La Fait: Nouvelles Avenues
  • Thames Perry and James Foulks, End the Arms Race, Fitnd Human Needs
  • Translated from the Russian by Anatol Rapoport: Yu. B. Germeier, Non-Antagonistic Games
  • Dieter Senghaas, Die Zukunft Ettropas: Trobleme der Friedensgestaltung
  • A.H. Weatherley and H.S. Gill, The Biology of Fish Growth

Bulletin Publications 1987

  • 1987 Annual Meeting Report Membership Brochure
  • Special Report #1: Walter Dorn, Satellite and Airborne Surveillance
  • Special Report #2: Paul LeBlond, Anatol Rapoport, et al, First Conference of Science for Peace Research and Education Directors
  • Special Report #3: T.C. Hutchinson and Julie Chouinard, Environmental and Agricultural Consequences of a Major Nuclear Power Plant Accident
  • Special Report #4: Derek Paul and Bryan Southern, Radioactive Air Monitoring: A Survey of Ontario
  • Walter Dorn, A Directory of Canadian Scientific Expertise: Peace and Security Aspects

Past Publications Still Available (from the 1986 Brochure)

  • Simon Dalby. Issues in Education and Culture: On Teaching Peace
    This publication should be ordered directly from Continuing Studies, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. V5A 1S6 $2.00
  • Gaston Fischer, Are There Other Civilizations in the Universe with Whom We May Hope to Establish Contact? (Also in French)
  • Ursula Franklin
    • New Approaches to Understanding Technology
    • Knowledge Reconsidered: A Feminist Overview
  • Franklyn Griffiths, Through the One-Way Glass: Mutual Perceptions in Relations between the US and USSR
  • George Ignatieff
    • A Strategy for Survival
    • Peace Studies and the University
  • Robert Malcolmson, Defending Against Nuclear Weapons: Promises and Perils
  • Barry O’Neill
    • A Measure of Crisis Instability
    • Applications of a Crisis
    • Instability Index
  • Andrew Pakula, Perceptual Factors in East-West Conflict
  • Derek Paul
    • Radioactive Air Monitoring
    • The Responsibility of Scientists and SDI
  • J.M. Pearson, The Canadian North and a Possible Canadian Influence on US Defence Policy
  • Anatol Rapoport
    • Preparation for Nuclear War, the Final Madness
    • The Peace Capacity Of the Superpowers
    • The Technological Imperative
    • A Possible Role of Universities in the Preservation of Peace
    • Subjective Aspects of Risk
    • Conflict Escalation and Conflict Dynamics
    • Maintaining a Chronic State of War
    • Game Theory, The Contributions of Game Theory to Peace Research and Applications of Game Theoretic Concepts in Biology
    • The Two Cultures
  • Luis Sobrino, et al
    • The Cruise Missile: A Canadian Perspective
    • CFMETR: Ethical and Moral Considerations
    • The U.S. SDI: Should Canada Participate?
  • Michael Wallace, Accidental Nuclear War, A Risk Assessment
  • Derek Paul and Gwen McGrenere, editors, Defending Europe
    This book is on consignment from the publisher at a special rate: $14. Make checks to Science for Peace.

Over the past year the editor and the Publications Committee have recommended other material not written by Science for Peace members. Look for a list of these publications and a resource list in a forthcoming Bulletin.

A number of members, libraries and interested non-members who make regular use of the Bulletin’s publications recommendations make special contributions to the Publications Program, for which they receive income tax receipts.

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