In Memoriam: Ross Wilcock

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Ross was a long time active member of Science for Peace; he had a talent to find those spots on Earth where injustice was done. He was deeply involved in getting first hand information from the conflict in Chechnya to us. The radioactive pollution in Port Hope was the last issue he dealt with before he moved out West to join his family there.

I met Ross for the first time in the 1980s at a Science for Peace Retreat in a resort north of Toronto. At the very beginning we had an in-depth dialogue on fundamental issues facing humanity. These Marathon conversations later happened frequently. The last one went way beyond the closing hours of the public transportation system of the University of British Columbia during the World Peace Forum in 2006. Together with some other night owls we hired a taxi to get Ross into town.

Dr. Arthur Ross Wilcock was born 1940 in Sheffield, England. He died September 25, 2008 in Duncan, British Columbia. A memorial service celebrating his life was held on November 15, 2008 at the Salvation Army Community Church in Woodstock, Ontario. Science for Peace members Phyllis Creighton and Helmut Burkhardt attended.

Dr. Alison Wilcock, his wife spoke a word of welcome, and read from Tolstoy, Ross’ favourite author. His sons Oliver, Rupert, and Duncan told stories, showed slides, and sang songs about Ross the sailor, the musician, the family man, the farmer, and the peace activist.

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