In Memoriam: Reverend Dr. Ian MacLeod

Dr. Ian MacLoed died December 18, 1996. With his wife Virginia, Dr. MacLeod spent thirty-two years in Japan with the United Church Mission. Setsuko and Jim Thurlow of Toronto remember serving with the MacLeods in Japan. Indeed they were neighbours when Dr. MacLeod was teaching theology at the University of Kwansei Gakuin in Nishinomiya. Dr. MacLeod also spent considerable time in the rural areas of northern Japan assisting Japanese pastors with their ministry work. After a stint of teaching in Taiwan, the MacLeods retired to Stoney Creek, Ontario. The Thurlows met the MacLeods again in their shared pursuit of a peaceful and nuclear free world: The Thurlows remember best Dr. MacLeod’s commitment to pacifism and his work with the group Hiroshima- Nagasaki Relived. They also spoke about his exceptional fluency in the Japanese language, his infectious sense of humour, and his marvellous puns told in a mixture of English, French and Japanese.

Lynn and Anne Trainor paid tribute to the memory of Dr. Ian MacLeod with a generous donation to Science for Peace. We thank you.

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