In Memoriam: Kenneth McNaught

On June 2, 1997, Kenneth McNaught, professor of history at the University of Toronto, died of cancer. Just six weeks prior to his death he received one of Canada’s highest honours, the Order of Canada.

His approach to history stressed the values of humanity, community, intellectual honesty and political idealism. He spoke on important issues of the day regardless of who might disagree. Speaking at a Science for Peace lecture following the failed Meech Lake Accord he urged all Canadians and the federal government to keep the country united. He felt our constitution (the BNA Act) was capable of handling all exigencies. His advice was: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

National concerns demanded his attention, but so too did the situation of the homeless in his own neighbourhood. He was totally dedicated to the success of the “Out Of the Cold” program, an initiative of St. Simon’s Church to provide a hot meal and overnight accomodation to those in need.

Science for Peace has lost an exemplary member who reminded us, by his own example, to act and speak out on behalf of civil and peaceful society.

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