The How to Save the World in a Hurry

Conference Summary

About 95-100 people attended the conference, including 36 speakers and facilitators (8 participated by Zoom, indicated by * below). The first day was held in plenary, with short talks by two or more experts and/or activists, followed by a Q&A session. Speakers included Sorpong Peou, John Polanyi, Douglas Roche, Peggy Mason*, Gordon Edwards*, Angela Bischoff, Evan Fraser, David Harries, Catherine Abreu*, Mark Jacobson*, Danny Harvey, Sandra Leigh Lester, Ronald St John, Christopher Anderson, Paul Meyer*, Joy Kennedy, Michael Marien, Fergus Watt*, Peter Hajnal, Toby Heaps, Peter Langille, and Paul Antze.

During the second day, most participants met in breakout groups, with the goal of winnowing out the existing proposals in advance of the final plenary. War and weapons had by far the largest number of participants, followed by global warming. Famine and pandemics continued to be the weakest of the named categories, with very few non-specialists joining the breakouts.

A 25-item Platform for Survival was printed out in time for the final plenary; 21 items were settled by consensus, sometimes with minor changes. The final four items were conditionally approved later.

The How to Save the World in a Hurry conference met at University College on 30-31 May.

Watch the video of John Polanyi’s opening speech, followed by other speakers during the conference.

Find out more by visiting the “To Save The World” website for more videos, slideshows, discussion, and more.


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