Fundraising Dinner

A pleasant evening was enjoyed by more than twenty people at 11 Thornwood Road on 10 December last, at a fundraising dinner. Leonard Farlinger’s new film Collateral Damage was shown (24 minutes), both as pre- and postprandial entertainment. The film (now strongly recommended) is a comment on the Gulf War, ingenious in its style and format, which asks some good questions and reminds us that modern wars seen on television hide the real horrors of war suffered by the victims.

Arrangements for the dinner were made entirely by voluntary effort, and the costs were partly borne by donated drink and victuals. Part of the income came from the cash bar, but the majority was from a $25 per person levy at the door. The net profit for Science for Peace was $768, Events of this type are not difficult to organize, but need good notice to members and friends of SfP, back-up by phoning, etc.

For anyone contemplating organizing a similar event, we hear that free food can be obtained from certain restaurant and catering outlets in exchange for advertising. Such outlets are worth knowing about. Tell us more about them!

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