Disarmament and Military News

Ottawa: 26 Oct. 1993.

Three new members have been appointed to the Federal environmental assessment panel, which was set up in 1986 to review military flying activities in Labrador and Quebec. In 1990 the panel completed its review of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) submitted by the Department of National Defence and issued a deficiency statement identifying the need for more information in the EIS. The Federal Environment Assessment Review Office (FEARO) now states that there is $300,000 available under their public participant funding program, to assist participants in commenting on the revised EIS, and preparing for and participating in public hearings.

Anyone interested in taking part in this review should contact Ghislaine Kerry, Manager, Participant Funding Program, Federal Environmental review Office, 13th floor, Fontaine Building, 200 Sacre-Coeur Blvd., Hull KlA 0H3. Tel (collect) 819-953-0179, FAX 819-994-1469.

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