Member Directory Form

Some hints on filling in this form (and accessing the directory once completed)

  • Some parts of the form allow you to make multiple choices (square boxes) while others force a single choice (round ‘radio’ boxes).
  • There are a few places where you can add additional details. You are not limited by the size of the box on your screen; drag the lower right-hand corner of the box down or to the right to create more room if necessary.
  • You should complete and submit the form within 10 minutes of starting it; otherwise you may have to start over again. If you expect that you might require more time, write out any longer responses ‘offline’ and then cut and paste them into the form.
  • If you accidentally press your computer keyboard’s “enter” key after selecting a check box, the form might — depending on your browser — be submitted prematurely. In that case you will see an error message (prompting you to enter data into any compulsory fields which were missed) but may continue with the rest of the submission.
  • When the form is submitted, you will see either the error message described above or a short “Thank you, your message has been sent” message. Finally, a copy of your submission will be sent to your email address as well as to the SfP office and executive.
  • The members’ directory is available only to other SfP members.
    • Existing members were sent temporary passwords in late April 2015.
    • New members will be sent their username and password in reasonable time.

Membership information form



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We are occasionally in a position to publicize work that our members have done which merits public attention. If you have some work to which you would like attention drawn, please mention it in the box below. We may be able to publish it as an article or invite you to speak in a lecture series. Please restrict yourself to one research project, and do not be disappointed if we cannot at present publicize it.

Sharing of data

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