Current working groups

The following is a list of Science for Peace’s currently active working groups, including some which are still in formation. Webpages for each new group will be set up once the group members begin to compile information about their goals and activities.

We will do our best to ensure that all working group meetings appear in our events listings on the SfP homepage, but we need help from the convenors (or others) to ensure that we receive this information in time.

Click on the highlighted title, if one exists, for the group’s webpage on (or, where a homepage has not yet been created, for the most recent AGM report about the group’s activities). Click on the convenor/contact names for their email address.

(revised 2019-08-03)

Chemical Weapons Working Group Nivedita das Kundu
Community Sustainability Working Group Lloyd Helferty
Drones Working Group Mohamad Elyasi and Michel Duguay
Nonviolence and Civil Society Working Group Ellie Kirzner
Nuclear Weapons Working Group Barbara Birkett and Rob Acheson
Ocean Frontiers Working Group Venilla Rajaguru and Sorpong Peou
Propaganda, Terrorism, and Security Working Group Adnan Zuberi