Thu, Feb 07, 2013: Confronting a Nuclear Age: Toward Nuclear Disarmament

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Join us for a free public lecture at 3-5pm on February 7th, 2013 in Room 044 (east end of the building in the basement) at University College, 15 King’s College Circle, Toronto, ON by:

Vinay Jindal and Barbara Birkett


Toward Nuclear Disarmament

History of efforts and campaigns to eliminate the threat of nuclear war.

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This lecture is part of the series Confronting a Nuclear Age which is co-sponsored by University College Health Studies Programme, Canadian Pugwash Group, Science for Peace and Voice of Women for Peace.


Vinay Jindal:
I graduated from Medical School at the University of Toronto and completed my Family Practice Residency at McGill University. I practiced as a Family Physician in Scarborough, Ontario, for over 10 years. In 2006, I closed my practice and joined Médecins Sans Frontières to work on a project in northern Myanmar (Burma) as a Medical Supervisor focusing on HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. I am currently active with the Médecins Sans Frontières Association as well as local and national peace groups including Physicians for Global Survival.

Barbara Birkett:
Dr Barbara Birkett is a past Board member of Physicians for Global Survival, and in 1999-2000 was President of PGS.

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