Community Sustainability


The elucidation and scientific investigation of practical concepts for achieving Peace and Sustainability within various types of (human) Communities (habitats).

Currently, there are a few “sub-projects” that have been put forward by various people at various times, each of which has been spearheading different ‘sub-project’ ideas. Every sub-Committee is doing something related to the overall “mandate” of the Community Sustainability Working Group (CoSWoG), and each sub-project is somewhat related to each other through their common ‘membership’ in the CosWoG, but each is a unique “task” [project] unto itself.

Each sub-project has its own sub-committee, each with its own unique (but related) “mandate” [goals], and each has a unique “sub-Committee Chair” that is tasked with fulfilling the “mandate” (achieving the goals) of the individual “sub-Project”.

Group Leaders:

Usual meeting venue[s] and times:

  • Typically during the week (Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays more often than not)
  • Time and day of week is determined through a Doodle poll 1-2 weeks before meeting
  • Time: typically 7pm-9pm, Location: Arisu Restaurant (Toronto)

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