Community Sustainability Working Group (CoSWoG)


The elucidation and scientific investigation of practical concepts for achieving Peace and Sustainability within various types of (human) Communities (habitats).

Currently, there are a few “sub-projects” that have been put forward by various people at various times, each of which has been spearheading different ‘sub-project’ ideas. Every sub-Committee is doing something related to the overall “mandate” of the Community Sustainability Working Group (CoSWoG), and each sub-project is somewhat related to each other through their common ‘membership’ in the CosWoG, but each is a unique “task” [project] unto itself.

Each sub-project has its own sub-committee, each with its own unique (but related) “mandate” [goals], and each has a unique “sub-Committee Chair” that is tasked with fulfilling the “mandate” (achieving the goals) of the individual “sub-Project”.

Current sub-projects:

The “Musical Biofilter” sub-Project sub-committee
[Chaired by Dr. Brad Bass, Environment Canada / University of Toronto]
The mandate is to build a “working prototype” of a Biofilter coupled to a Hydrolophone, and undertake the necessary science to understand whether this particular combination of technologies will actually work to “solve” the problems associated with algae building up within the instrument (over time).
The “RNUP Project” sub-Project sub-committee
[Chaired by Harry Ha, Biochar Ontario]
The mandate is to develop and write a “White Paper” that incorporates some of the many ideas that were developed in the original CUS-T ‘vision document’ for the Portlands that was put together in 2012 by the SfP CURRENTS Working Group (which is now ‘disbanded’).
This White Paper is intended to be developed in consultation with (staff from) Parks Canada and various other Local and Regional “stakeholders”, and then formally presented to the Leaders from Parks Canada @ Rouge National Urban Park for their consideration.
The “CSV Gardens” sub-Project sub-committee
[Chaired by Joan Kerr, FBSC]
The mandate is to develop and run a project to build, manage and also define the “curriculum” that would be delivered through a (Local/ Regional/ Provincial/ National/ Global) Network of CSV (Learning) Gardens for the benefit of the [independent] non-Profit organizations that are “partnering” to develop the project (i.e. FSBC, CSAYN, Biochar Ontario and FES).

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Usual meeting venue[s] and times:

  • Typically during the week (Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays more often than not)
  • Time and day of week is determined through a Doodle poll 1-2 weeks before meeting
  • Time: typically 7pm-9pm, Location: Arisu Restaurant (Toronto)