Working Groups

Nuclear Weapons Working Group

Science for Peace began as a group of scientists who worried about the danger of nuclear war. Today, a working group still continues to function, educating the public and decision-makers about the catastrophic humanitarian effects of nuclear warfare, and promoting nuclear disarmament.

Community Sustainability Working Group (CoSWoG)

Mandate: The elucidation and scientific investigation of practical concepts for achieving Peace and Sustainability within various types of (human) communities (habitats). Currently, there area few sub-projects that have been put forward by various people at various times, each of which has been spearheading different sub-project ideas. Every sub-Committee is doing something related to the overall mandate of CoSWoG, and each sub-project is somewhat related to each other through their common 'membership' in CosWoG, but each is a unique task/project unto itself.

Ocean Frontiers Working Group

Ocean Frontier issues are transnational and global in scope, and are part of international security and peace studies. The territorial frontier issues in the global ocean commons include scientific and technological issues of seabed energy exploration, violence and pacification at disputed boundaries at sea, human and weapons trafficking, the threat of terrorism at sea, and militarization of strategic maritime regions of our world that affect human security and peace.