Briefs and Essays

Here is a list of archived conference papers, occasional papers and Bulletin articles, sorted by author.

Adele Buckley
Arctic Governance 2010-11-19
Alan Phillips
Eliminate Launch on Warning 2004-09-21
No Launch on Warning 2003-05-15
Science for Peace Discusses South Asian Nuclear Tests 1998-09-01
The World Court Project 1993-03-21
Y2K and Accidental Nuclear War? 1998-09-01
Alan Weatherley
Book Review: The Art of War 1991-03-01
Editorial Matters 1990-08-01
Editorial Matters 1991-03-01
Editorial Matters 1989-11-01
From the Editor 1991-01-01
The case of the Lost Virus 1986-10-01
The Role of NATURE 1991-11-01
Towards a Comprehensive Test Ban 1991-03-01
Troop Cuts and Open Skies 1990-03-01
Anatol Rapoport
A UN ‘Brain Trust”? 1987-10-01
Editorial 1987-01-01
Focus on Education 1987-02-01
Focus on Education 1987-04-01
Focus on Education 1987-05-01
Focus: Education 1987-03-01
John McMurtry’s ‘Understanding War’: Foreword 1990-03-01
Peace: An Idea whose Time has Come 1992-12-01
President’s Corner 1986-01-01
President’s Corner 1986-02-01
President’s corner 1986-03-01
President’s Corner 1986-04-01
President’s Corner 1985-05-01
President’s Corner 1985-12-01
Realpolitik as a Form of Madness 1991-03-01
Remarks at a Citizens’ Inquiry into Peace and Security 1991-11-01
The President’s Corner 1986-05-01
The President’s Corner 1985-01-15
The President’s Corner 1984-09-21
Visit to Moscow 1988-01-01
Andrea Levy
Degrowth: A Snail’s Eye View of Social Transformation and Ecological Preservation 2015-05-22
Andrew Pakula
The Truth About the Serbo-Croatian Conflict 1991-11-01
Angela Regnier
Mapping a Freedom to Learn: Why Students Must Maintain Their Right to Organize on Canadian Campuses 2011-11-15
Anna Jaikaran
Obama and the NPT 2010-01-08
Anne Cole
Ethics and Computer Ethics 1991-03-01
Barbara Birkett
It’s A Matter of Vision 2003-05-15
Bev Delong
Academic Call For Nuclear Abolition 1999-01-01
The Nuclear Abolition Imperative 2009-04-14
Bill Bhaneja
Towards a Federal Department of Peace in Canada 2006-09-20
Blair Kuntz
A Report on the Librarians and Archivists to Palestine Delegation, June 23-July 4, 2013 2013-12-02
Bob Baxter
Book Review: Malicorne 1995-08-01
Book Review: Rape of Canola 1995-04-01
Chlorine and Good Manners 1993-06-21
Extraterrestrials Have Problems Too 2000-12-21
New Concerns Over Biological Weaponry 1992-12-01
Bob Russell
Second International Scientists’ Congress “Ways out of the Arms Race” 1989-02-01
Cameron Harrington
Roundtable on Freshwater 2008-12-20
Carolyn Langdon
Hague Appeal for Peace – Canada 1999-01-01
Chandler Davis
At the Edge 2010-10-28
Chomsky and others look at the crisis 2003-05-15
Science for Good or Ill 1990-03-01
Christian Bay
83.28. Science For Peace Research Proposal 1983-06-21
Psychology Of Peacemaking Discussed In Amsterdam 1986-10-01
David Lorge Parnas
Analyzing the INF Agreement 1987-11-01
False Dichotomies: How the War is Sold 1991-03-01
How to Free Kuwait 1991-03-01
Images of War 1991-03-01
The North American Free Trade Agreement 1993-03-21
The SDI is Dead! Long Live the SDI! 1993-06-21
David Suzuki
Science Matters: Taking the planet for a spin 2005-09-21
Derek Paul
25 Years of Science for Peace 2006-02-14
84.05 A New Security And Arms Control Centre For Canada 1984-01-15
84.29 Book Review 1984-04-15
Biochar-Enhanced Sequestration of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide 2010-10-28
Brief to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology 2008-06-20
Chernobyl 1986-06-01
Climate Change and Carbon Taxes 2008-03-20
Culture of Peace-Culture of War 2007-12-20
Definition of a Radical 1996-01-01
Electrical Energy Consumption: The Human Side of the Problem 2004-09-21
Guaranteeing Income 2012-09-21
Pugwash Conference 2002-09-21
Report of the Meeting on Issues 1998-09-01
Roundtable on Food and Population 2010-01-08
Science for Peace: What kind of future? 1994-01-01
The Need for General and Complete Disarmament 2010-11-19
The Roundtable on Forests 2006-09-23
The Work of the Global Issues Project and the Wasan Action Framework 2007-12-21
Toward Security and a World Without War: Steps to facilitate disarmament in a reluctant social order 2010-11-24
Writing a Letter to the Prime Minister 2005-02-14
Dominick Jenkins
Playing On Our Hopes And Fears: Technological Unemployment After the End of the Cold War 1997-03-01
Ed Barbeau
Editorial 1984-09-21
Edwin Daniel
Climate Change and Industrial Agriculture 2010-10-28
Working Group on Genetics and Biotechnology 2003-05-15
Ellen Larsen
Canada and Biological and Chemical Weapons Research 1992-12-01
Canada and Chemical Weapons: Science for Peace Testifies to the Biological and Chemical Defence Review Committee 1995-08-01
Continued Discussions Between SfP and the BCDRC 1993-06-21
Eric Fawcett
82.52. Japanese Peace Movement 1982-10-07
84.03 The Peace Initiative 1984-01-15
A Moscow Letter From Eric Fawcett 1990-08-01
Canada And Renewal Of The Non-Proliferation Treaty 1995-04-01
Fourth Annual DFAIT Peacebuilding Consultations Ottawa, March 1 and 2 2000-05-01
How The OAS Charter Was Violated 1990-08-01
Science for Peace and INES 1992-12-01
Science for Peace and Justice: SPJ-Brazil 1989-11-01
The Evolution of World Order: Building a Foundation for Peace in the Third Millennium 1997-07-01
United Nations Reform 1994-01-01
Floyd Rudmin
Cross-Cultural Correlates of War 1990-08-01
Round-Table Conferences: An Application of Small-Wins Theory 2003-05-15
Social Science Commentary on Abu Ghraib 2005-02-14
Gaston Fischer
The Summit — Seen from Europe 1986-01-01
George Ignatieff
Free Trade 1987-11-01
Letter from the President 1988-05-01
Letter from the President: The Powder Keg Of Europe: a New Perspective 1988-04-01
President Ignatieff’s Report To The Annual Meeting Of May 7 1988-06-01
President’s Corner 1988-01-01
President’s Corner 1988-02-01
President’s corner 1987-01-01
President’s Corner 1987-02-01
President’s Corner 1987-03-01
President’s Corner 1987-05-01
President’s Corner 1987-06-01
President’s Corner 1987-09-01
President’s Corner 1987-10-01
President’s Corner 1987-11-01
President’s Corner 1987-12-01
President’s Corner 1986-06-01
President’s Corner 1986-09-01
President’s Corner 1986-11-01
Review: End the Arms Race 1987-05-01
George Lakoff
Metaphor and War 1991-03-01
George Spiegelman
The Problem Of Military Funding Of Non Military Research 1988-10-01
Gussai Sheikheldin
Sudan’s Secession Referendum: A Historical Punctuation Mark in the Making 2011-04-05
H. Patricia Hynes
The Silent Casualty of War: The Global Environment 2011-04-05
The US Military Assault on Global Climate 2011-11-15
Hani Kim
Military Research and Canadian Universities 2002-09-21
Two Koreas: One Hope for Peace 2005-09-21
Hanna Newcombe
Rational Scheme for a Reformed UN Security Council 2005-02-14
Report From The DFAIT — NGO Peace Building Consultation 1997-03-01
Hans Blumenfeld
83.29. Letter From Hans Blumenfeld 1983-06-21
Helmut Burkhardt
From the President 2000-12-21
New Concepts of Security 2002-03-21
Reflections on the Public Forum on Food and Population – How Many Can We Feed? 2010-04-15
Step One: Reducing the Ecological Footprint by Changing Technology 2008-03-20
The Role of Media For Sustainability 2002-03-21
The Sustainability Nexus 2010-11-26
Third Interdisciplinary Conference on the Evolution of World Order: From Knowledge to Sound Policy and Action 2002-06-21
Irwin Guttman
NAFTA and the Militarization of Canada 1993-03-21
Jacqueline Medalye
Climate Politics at the Crossroads 2011-11-15
Janis Alton
International Peace Bureau in Alexandria, Egypt 2008-03-20
Peace Studies at the European Peace University 1994-01-01
Jean Smith
Governments Lie 2008-03-20
In Response 2002-09-21
Jean-Guy Vaillancourt
Review 1987-04-01
Jim Deutsch
Another Bank is Possible 2012-04-21
Deep-sixing the Deep Geological Nuclear Waste Repository 2013-12-02
Joe Cummins
Terminators Galore! 2005-05-14
Joe Vise
For Peace and Reconciliation in Israel and Palestine 2002-03-21
John Bacher
Petrotyranny: 9/11 Causes and Responses 2003-05-15
John Dove
Nuclear Winter Threat 1986-06-01
John Foster
Petroleum, Power and Fear: Challenges for Canada 2008-09-20
John McMurtry
Action and Understanding 2008-10-04
Corporate Globalization and Society Destruction: Joining the Dots of War and Peace in Ukraine 2014-10-27
Excerpt from ‘Understanding 9-11 and the 9-11 Wars’ 2004-09-21
The Historic Moment 1990-08-01
The Science for Peace Vocation 2008-06-20
John Polanyi
Getting Over Our Nuclear Denial 2010-04-15
John Valleau
82.10. Science For War? 1982-02-18
Globalization, the WTO and You 1999-12-01
Organising A Campaign Against Space Weapons: A Draft Treaty And A Planning Conference 2002-06-21
Rebuttal to Globe & Mail “Star Wars” Editorial 2004-01-15
Statement to the Minister’s Defence Review Consultations 1994-12-01
The Ballistic Missile Defence Issue: SfP and NOOS 2002-03-21
Judith Deutsch
Climate Justice, Contraction and Convergence, and Eliminating GHG Emissions 2012-04-21
Comments on Some Books and Articles on Food and Population 2010-04-15
Findings on Extreme Violence 2007-12-20
Gaza — Humanitarian Emergency and the Threat of Nuclear War 2008-03-20
Gaza and Israel 2009-04-14
Iran Letter 2020-01-18
Message from the President of Science for Peace 2009-09-21
Message from the President of Science for Peace 2010-01-08
Message from the President of Science for Peace 2010-04-15
Message from the President of Science for Peace 2010-10-28
Munk School of Global Affairs and the Harper Government collaborate on “Direct Diplomacy” in Iran 2015-05-22
Panglossing the Climate Emergency Connecting the Crises of Climate Change, Militarization, Extreme Poverty 2016-05-07
Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose: a 30-Year Retrospective of Science for Peace 2011-11-15
President’s Letter: Science and Reason 2011-11-15
The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza 2006-09-20
Ukraine, Russia, the United States and the Threat of Nuclear War 2015-05-22
Julia Morton-Marr
Canadian Peace Education Conference Report 2004-01-15
Global Sustainability Education Video Conference 2005-02-14
Kabir Joshi-Vijayan
The Myth of Peacekeeping: 2007-06-20
Kate Dewes
David Lange’s Peace Legacy Lives On 2005-09-21
Lee Lorch
Review: Perestroika 1988-01-01
Working Group on Cooperation with Cuban Science 1994-04-01
Leonard Johnson
Veterans In Moscow 1988-02-01
Leslie Jermyn
The State of Global Food Production and Recommendations for the Future 2009-09-21
Lynn Trainor
82.26. Report On Educational Activities 1982-05-07
Margaret Back
The Mines Action Coalition 1996-01-01
Margrit Eichler
The Muzzling of Science in Canada 2012-09-21
Mary Foster
Landmine Detection & Removal Technology Research Competition 1999-01-01
Mel Watkins
Letter from the President of Science for Peace to Douglas Roche 1999-01-01
President’s Message 1998-09-01
President’s Message 1999-01-01
President’s Message 1999-06-01
President’s Message 1999-12-01
Metta Spencer
Canadian Foreign and Defence Policy and Global Security (report) 2006-10-27
How to Democratize the Planet 2010-11-19
How to Save the World in a Hurry 2014-05-31
Peace and Democracy in Russia 2011-04-05
President’s Corner: Can Anyone Help Syria? 2012-09-21
President’s Corner: Constraints on Freedom of Scholarship and Science 2013-05-14
President’s Corner: Controversy and Conversation 2016-05-07
President’s Corner: Making Knowledge Scarce 2013-12-02
President’s Corner: When Saving Others Doesn’t Work 2015-05-22
The President’s Corner: Science for Peace as a Foreign Language 2017-02-13
Toronto Wants Zero Nuclear Weapons 2010-01-08
Wanted: Writers Who Will Work for Change 2007-12-20
What the Presidential Candidates Say – and Don’t Say 2008-03-20
Michael Mandel
This war is illegal and immoral, and it won’t prevent terrorism 2001-12-09
Michael Wallace
Nuclear Attack Submarines For Canada? 1989-02-01
Mike Pearson
The Non-Offensive Defense of Europe 1989-02-01
Murray Thomson
Militarism in Canada Today: What do we do about it? 2008-06-20
Nancy Olivieri
From the President’s Desk 2005-09-21
Nick Dyer-Witheford
Military Related Research at the University of Western Ontario 2007-06-20
Oliver Brandes
Water Crisis 2008-09-20
Paul Hamel
Aiding & Abetting War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity 2004-01-15
Environment and War 2004-01-15
From the President 2002-06-21
From the President 2003-05-15
Genetically Modified Food: A Field of Dreams? 2000-05-01
Justifications and Racism: Hiroshima Day – August 2, 2004 2004-09-21
Science for Peace Speaks to the Standing Committee on National Defense and Veterans Affairs 2000-05-01
September 11: Then and Now Conference and Workshops 2002-09-21
Structural Violence 2006-02-14
The Reciprocal Signalling Cascade Between State and Non-State Terrorists 2005-02-14
War as an Institution 2004-09-21
Paul York
The Environmental Impacts of Intensive Livestock Operations in Canada 2013-05-14
Pet Cleto
Torture and Other Gender Issues 1993-11-01
Peter Brogden
Underground Nuclear Testing: The Old Arrogance Remains 1991-11-01
Peter Nicholls
On the Shoulders of Giants 2011-11-15
President’s Inaugural Message 1996-08-01
President’s Message — Comfort me with H-bombs 1996-12-01
President’s Message NATO, Canada, and Russia. 1997-03-01
Report from Europe – November 2003 2004-01-15
UK CND goes mainstream – Golden Anniversary Meeting 2008-03-20
What is to be done? – a report on war and anti-war from the UK 2002-03-21
Peter Shepherd
Genesis of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Project 1996-01-01
The Kyoto Brief 2002-09-21
Working Group on Ozone and Climate Change (WGOCC) 1994-04-01
Philip Ehrensaft
A Nuclear Watergate: West Germany’s “Transnuklear Affair” 1988-06-01
Guns, Butter, and Empire 1990-03-01
Nuclear Proliferation and Nuclear Terrorism: Research by the Nuclear Control Institute 1988-05-01
Phyllis Creighton
65 Years: It’s Time to Retire the Bomb! 2010-10-28
An Arctic Nuclear Weapon-Free Zone: Why is now the time? 2010-01-08
Canada and Nuclear Weapons 2006-02-14
Geneva in July 2002-09-21
Global Governance and World Without War 2010-11-19
Hope for a Nuclear-Free World 2009-09-21
Nuclear Alert 2005-09-21
Nuclear Weapons: Just Say “No”! 2008-06-20
Update on the International Peace Bureau 1992-12-01
Vancouver World Peace Forum’s Vision 2006-09-20
What Can You Do Through Mayors for Peace? 2009-04-14
Where does peace begin? 2007-12-20
Richard Erskine
Publications Journal Review 1990-03-01
Robena Weatherley
Low-Level Flying: Quebec/Labrador 1990-03-01
Robert Logan
Nobel Peace Prize 1995 — Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Movement 1996-01-01
Robert Stewart
Peace Studies 2009-04-14
Rocco Galati
Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Laws- Bills C36, C22, C35, C42 2001-12-09
Rose Dyson
Update on OISE/IKIT Research 2005-05-14
Violent Entertainment: The Real Elephant in the Room 2006-02-14
Ross Smyth
A More Imaginative Canadian Foreign Policy 1990-08-01
Democratizing the United Nations 1991-11-01
Sam Lanfranco
Disasters List 2010-04-15
Sara Suliman
Can the U of T Be an Agent for Social Change? 2010-10-28
The New State of South Sudan: An Opportunity for Better Health Care? 2011-11-15
Science for Peace
83.33. Restrictions To Prevent Technology Transfer To Eastern Block Countries 1983-06-21
An achievement: The International Conference on Arctic Cooperation 1988-11-01
Ethical Technology – Technological Ethics 1989-11-01
George Ignatieff at 75 1989-02-01
Minister’s Defence Review Consultations: a debriefing after the latest sortie 1994-12-01
NATO Defender Europe 2020-01-25
Peace and Protest in the UK 2009-09-21
Space: The Next Frontier for War? 2000-12-21
The City of Hiroshima Peace Declaration 1986-09-01
World Court Nuclear Judgement Day 1996-08-01
Shirley Farlinger
Global Governance and a World Without War 2010-11-19
Science For Peace Renewal 2005-09-21
Students of Science for Peace
Kyoto primer 2005-05-14
Tadatoshi Akiba
Peace Declaration 2002-09-21
Terry Gardner
A Brief Review of a Brief’s Review 1994-12-01
General Lee Butler in Ottawa – 11 March 1999-06-01
Retreat to Discuss Science for Peace Activities 1989-11-01
Theresa Wolfwood
The Basis of Peace is the Security of the Commons 2004-09-21
Thomas Homer-Dixon
Outline of Some Issues To Be Considered by the Working Group on Environmental Change and Security 1990-08-01
Tim Brac
84.30 Tim Brac Writes On Test Ban Treaties 1984-04-15
Thomas Davis
Report on UNCED 1992-12-01
Tom Hutchinson
Nuclear Winter 1985-05-01
Tom Stafford
Reed Elsevier & the arms trade: profiting from both cause and cure 2006-09-20
Tony Arrott
Adrenaline For Peace 1988-10-01
Letter From The President Of Science For Peace 1988-06-01
Words from the President 1989-06-01
Trudy Dorn
Land Mines 1997-03-01
Ursula Franklin
84.24 Brief From Professor Ursula Franklin To Joe Clark 1984-04-15
Citizens and Scientists or Scientists — Citizen-Scientists 1989-11-01
SfP looks to the future 1989-02-01
Venilla Rajaguru
Report of the Working Group on Oceans and Frontiers 2017-02-13
Walter Dorn
CWC Nears Ratification 1992-12-01
Peace-keeping Satellites: A Review of a Science for Peace Activity 1988-04-01
Technologies for Peace: Canada Proceeds Cautiously 1990-03-01
Vice-President’s Message 1996-01-01
William Browett and Phyllis Creighton
Science for Peace Position 2017? NATO, Canada, USA, and Russia 2017-02-13
William Epstein
A Total Nuclear Test Ban is the Best Way to Strengthen the NPT 1990-03-01
NPT Conference 1985-12-01
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