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For getting post-Summit bearings:

Alva Myrdal, The Game of Disarma­ment, Pantheon Books, N.Y., 1978, Paperback, $7.75 in Canada.

This is a sobering and detailed study of why years of disarmament discussions have failed and of the awesome cost of an arms race which has brought less and less security the faster it has escalated.

International Journal of group Tensions, Special Volume on. the Nuclear Threat, 10 West 66th St., Suite 6-D, New York 10023, Editor Benjamin Wolman.

Contributions by Wolman, M.Ryle, S.M. Finger, N. Nachmias, J. Frank, R.Lifton, A. Rapoport, J.Lowebstein, K.Boulding, S.Zuckerman, T.Williams, P. Tetlock, B. McGuire, Jr.

Lloyd Etheredge, Can Governments Learn? a title in the Pergamon Government & Politics Series.

From the introduction: “My sub­ject will be one recurring problem, American policy toward revolutions which use Marxist rhetoric, receive material aid from the Soviet Union, and are directed against a repres­sive government that has received substantial material aid and politi­cal support from the United States.”

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