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Science for Peace has published and continues to publish books in the areas of peace and social justice.

Book Author/s Brief Description non-member/
member price
John Bacher This book illustrates how the deadly trinity of oil, war and dictatorships presents the greatest challenge to humanity at the start of the new millennium. $30.00/ $10
United Nations Reform: Looking Ahead after Fifty Years
ed. Eric Fawcett & Hanna Newcombe This book provides a unique Canadian perspective. It is designed for the general reader who will gain considerable insight into how the UN operates at present and proposals for reform. $24.99/ $3
Arctic Alternatives: Civility or Militarism in the Circumpolar North
ed. Franklyn Griffiths Deals with the conceptual and practical problems that must be resolved if the peoples of the Arctic countries are to steer the development of their region away from militarism and towards civility $19.99/ $3
Unarmed Forces: Nonviolent Action in Central America and the Middle East ed Graeme MacQueen Based on a conference entitled “Nonviolence in Violent Contexts,” this book forces us to confront and non-violence in today’s world. $13.99/ $3
Accidental Nuclear War ed. Derek Paul et al. This book details the risks of nuclear weapons as well as suggesting an agenda of arms control initiatives. $13.99/ $3
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