Battling hate

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Hate drives war and war drives hate.

Hate, abetted by legions of liars, human and virtual, leads to governments acting, to different degrees, directly against public interest, against our survival, against our environment. Governments, some more than others, are acting in the interests of powerful economic interests, willing to murder the future in the name of greed.

Hate is a tool used by the criminals to help them steal more, to sell more weapons to other criminals. The criminals steal from us all, they make us poor, they take away our health care, they poison our world and our food… Their armies of murderous liars and bots tell us “it is their fault”, “they are to be blamed “- immigrants, Hispanics, Chinese, Muslims, Gays, Women, Blacks, Jews… So we get mad, frustrated and frightened and we buy guns and we shoot “them” and each other.

Hate divides us. Through polarization and fragmentation hate destroys our civil societies which represent and defend our common good.

Hate seems to be everywhere, amplified by the chamber of mirrors that is the virtual world where there is no inhibition and death threats are a common currency. COVID-19 has brought out a great deal of hate.

Hate is intertwined with all the other existential crises we face.

We must act against hate. What can we do?

Andrew Pakula is a long time peace activist and has been a member of Science for Peace from the very beginning. He is a retired social research and management consultant with a background in social psychology.

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  1. Thanks for writing this. I agree with much of what you say but in other ways I must respectfully disagree by going beyond what you are saying.

    Capitalism is what drives war and it is war that drives capitalism, not hate.

    Hateful narratives are important and powerful tools that are used to exploit people into supporting narratives that are in essence institutionalized confidence schemes that benefit powerful corporate elites and their political puppets.

    Those who engineer wars by creating hate-filled social narratives and spreading them through the mass media and other culture-delivery systems, do so in order to increase their corporate and political strength.

    If billionaires, and the institutions they use to manipulate public opinion, were to tell people that they wanted them to give their taxes and youth to wage wars so that the powers-that-be could consolidate their wealth and control even more, then most people would just refuse to cooperate.

    Deceit is required to convince people to commit crimes of genocide and mass murder. You cannot motivate the population to go to war by telling them that the purpose of the war is to make more money for billionaires.

    Hate is a psychological fuel. It is a social fire accelerant used to inflame public passions. It is helpful in propelling people to take up arms and to otherwise collaborate in the programs of war that they would normally be repulsed by.

    People are basically good, honest and decent. They don’t like seeing, let alone committing atrocities. They must undergo much military training and social manipulation to get them to kill or even to support the killing that is done in their names and with their taxes.

    Genocide and war require great numbers of people to actively participate, and even more people must be relied on to stand by and do nothing to stop the atrocities. Most people must be manipulated with very clever deceitful narratives that will make them turn a blind eye and to hope or accept that the horrors are being done for the greater good.

    So, I’m saying that the virulent strain of toxic capitalism that (with hate in its toolbox) now dominates this planet. Capitalism is the driving force behind war and we must struggle against all odds to carry on the multigenerational, centuries-old struggle to try to stop it.

    To carry out this struggle we need to ask ourselves and others, what is the most potent countervailing force that challenges capitalism? What possible ideology, what movement, what is there out there right now in this world that counters capitalism?

    Hitler and Mussolini were the figureheads of capitalism gone wild. They were financed by the largest banks and corporations. What country did the Nazis and fascists fear and hate the most?

    Their biggest enemy was without any doubt whatsoever the USSR. This is an indisputable, uncontroversial fact of history. The Nazis and fascists made this fact very clear in thousands of books, speeches, pamphlets, classroom lessons, propaganda of every kind, and they pumped out their lies and hatefilled narratives for many years BEFORE WWII. It is all in the historical record.

    But how could the Nazis and other fascists get their populations to go to war against the USSR?

    Perhaps the most important trick they used, was to play the antisemitism card, to exploit the age-old cultural hatred of Jews that permeated Western culture at that time. The fascist/Nazi trick was to associate Jews to Communists. The fascists called this bogeyman the Kremlin-based Jewish international Bolshevik monster. They painted this monster as the biggest threat to European civilisation. Jews and Communists were said to be joined at the hip. They were one thing, one enemy, one threat to all that was good and decent and righteous. Judaeo-Communism had to be stopped. They convinced their populations to wage war on their communist enemies by riling them up against Jews. They invoked a pre-existing cultural virus, the awful hatred of Jews.

    So, the hatred of Jews was used as an accelerant to con people into waging and supporting the Nazi/fascist’s real goal which was to wage a genocidal war against the USSR. That war ended up killing 27 million people in the Soviet Union alone.

    But theNazis and their fascist allies in Italy and across Eastern Europe, while killing so many million, did not succeed in their primary goal. The USSR had used the 22 months that they had gained from signing the August 23, 1938, nonagression treaty with Germany to build their defences. They knew their very existence was threatened. They the Soviet people to work building warplanes, tanks, other weapons and systems of defence to ready themselves against the Nazi onslaught that they knew was coming. That attack came in June 1941. The Soviets had tried in vain to get Britain and France to join them as allies in a war to stop Hitler. But Britain and France refused to ally with the USSR. Britain and France had already signed a treaty with Nazi Germany allowing the Nazis to start their war. Britain and France also had leaders who were extreme anticommunists. These leaders wanted Hitler to attack the USSR. They wanted Germany to defeat communism. France, Britain , Germany, Canada and other countries had sent hundreds of thousand of troops to invade the USSR just 20 years earlier. In that effort they pooled their resources because they wanted to defeat the Soviet’s anticapitalist revolution.

    The USSR defended itself as best they could against the biggest invasion in all of history (Operation Barbarossa) and after Stalingrad (the biggest battle in all of history) they drove the Nazis back across Eastern Europe to Berlin.

    NATO was then born to fight the USSR. It very quickly accepted the memberships of Italy and Germany, in the new anticommunist crusade.

    NATO’s purpose, like the purpose of the Nazis and fascists across Europe before and during WWII, was to destroy the USSR. NATO took up the gauntlet of anticommunism to because communism was still the biggest threat to capitalism. After WWII anticommunist forces (spearheaded by NATO) dropped the antisemitism from the repertoire. It was no longer a useful hate tool for mobilizing public support for the war against communism.

    This hate continues now with a Russophobia that focus on the Kremlin-based enemy. Why? For one thing the Kremlin still focuses the national identities of the peoples of the former Soviet states by memorializing their proud victory in defeating fascism during WWII. But in so many NATO countries after so many decades of Cold War programming Russophobia and the hate of communism absolutely permeates Western culture.

    The hatred of communists is now acceptable, mainstream and ubiquitous. It is a hatred that is still being used to drive the US-led, NATO wars.

    But even if we are not communists, and very few of us are, we need to recognize the fact that communism is the main ideological force that is opposing the world’s biggest problem, namely capitalism.

    And, it is worth remembering the prophetic words of Rev. Martin Niemöller:

    First they came for the Communists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Communist

    Then they came for the Socialists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist

    Then they came for the trade unionists
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a trade unionist

    Then they came for the Jews
    And I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Jew

    Then they came for me
    And there was no one left
    To speak out for me


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