News from The B.C. Chapter

Michael Wallace gave a paper at the Conference on Security in the North Pacific, and says that the nuclear submarines would result in Canada backing out of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Luis Sobrino says that a recent public opinion poll showed over 80% of Canadians against the currently projected spending on submarines. The Vancouver City Council (now mostly conservatives) has come out as opposing the purchase of nuclear-powered submarines by Canada when the money could be better spent rebuilding the sewer systems of Canada’s major cities. The slogan is “sewers not subs.”

Photographic Exhibit

From June 9 to 30, 1988, the International Institute of Concern for Public Health will host an exhibit of photographs documenting the world of nuclear weaponry, from Robert Del Tredici’s award winning book ‘At Work in the Fields of the Bomb”. The exhibit will be opened at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday June 9 at 830 Bathurst Street, Toronto, by the artist who, after an introduction by Dr. Rosalie Bertell, will present an overview of his work. Contact: Carolyn Siller or Margery Reid, (416) 533-7351.

Database for UN Research Institutes

What is your idea of a better world? Science for Peace member George Barnett is helping to coordinate Canada’s contribution of ideas to a new UN-related initiative, Global Cooperation for a Better World. With the support of individuals like Jacques Cousteau, Jimmy Carter, Peter Gabriel, and, in Canada, George Ignatieff and Prof. William Fyfe (Dean of Science, University of Western Ontario), the Project aims to collect a global database to contribute to the UN’s research institutes. Submissions are being welcomed from citizens of all backgrounds at least until the end of 1988. Contact George, (416) 680-4195.

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