Our Mission

Science for Peace (SfP) works to achieve a world free of deadly and structural violence, a world in which citizens strive to attain the civil, political, economic, and social rights recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights through non-violent political action.

Although we believe that scientific knowledge is essential to the creation of a peaceful and sustainable world, it is not sufficient. Only we collectively hold the key to saving the planet and enriching human existence. It is our common responsibility to define the world we want and build the organizations and nonviolent actions to achieve it.

Science for Peace, with its access to scientific expertise, views itself as part of a broad coalition of citizen organizations dedicated to this task.

Doing the right thing,at the right time.









Our History

Science for Peace just celebrated its 31st anniversary. Founded during the Cold War, its members used knowledge to inform and change public policy. Science for Peace members worked to eliminate nuclear weapons, prevent nuclear war and the weaponization of space, and to convert the military economy. Throughout our history, members have researched, taught, spoken up, and consulted to the government and to the UN. We hold many public meetings and collaborate with and support the work of other groups.

Our past meetings and publications give a picture of the breadth and foresight of our work. From the 1980s, Science for Peace members spoke out on Canada’s weapons trade and its incompatibility with improving global social welfare, on the militarization and environmental degradation of the Arctic and the need to consult with Inuit peoples.

In the 1990s, Science for Peace members focused on disarmament and on the wars and humanitarian situation in the Middle East, the Balkans, Latin America, Indonesia and Africa. Early in our history Science for Peace recognized the economic underpinnings of both climate change and of militarism.

Executive Committee

President: Sorpong Peou,
Vice-President: Richard Sandbrook,
Secretary: Margrit Eichler,
Treasurer: Martin Muldoon,
Rob Acheson
Adnan Zuberi
Lloyd Helferty

Board of Directors

term renewal date in brackets

Izzeldin Abuelaish (2019)
Rob Acheson (2019)
Lyn Adamson (2019)
Janis Alton (2019)
Glenys Babcock (2020)
William Browett (2019)
Kari Brozowski (2019)
David Burman (2019)
Jill Car-Harris (2019)
Miloud Chennoufi (2019)
Chandler Davis (2019)
Thomas Davis (2019)
Judith Deutsch (2020)
Walter Dorn (2019)
Michel Duguay (2019)
John Duncan (2019)
Margrit Eichler (2020)
Jorge Filmus (2020)

Christy Gombay (2020)
Lloyd Helferty (2020)
Linda Kalafatides (2019)
Alison Kemper (2019)
Ellie Kirzner (2019)
Nivedita Das Kundu (2019)
Margot Mandy (2019)
Robert Matthews (2020)
Gordon McBean (2019)
Martin Muldoon (2019)
Julie Nguyen (2019)
Sorpong Peou (2020)
Richard Sandbrook (2019)
Sergey Smolnikov (2020)
Venilla Rajaguru (2020)
Adnan Zuberi (2019)

Annual Report & Financials

Student Campus Groups

Science for Peace has a presence on campus at the University of Toronto, and Ryerson University. If you are part of the university community (student, staff, faculty, alumni, etc) and want to meet others interested in how to work towards a more just and sustainable world, or if you would like to help us bring excellent educational lectures and events to Toronto, please join us by filling in the Campus Group registration form below.

SfP U of T Campus group executive members

  • President: Dorsa Nouri Parto 
  • Vice-President: Newsha mohammadzadeh 
  • Co-VP Finances: Mehdi Qurban-Ali and Eunseo Lee
  • Co-Events Coordinators: Emmy Liu and Siti Amira Anas
  • Outreach Director: Yara El-Bardisi
  • VP-Communications: Maryam Hasanzadehkiabi
  • First-Year Representative: Natalia Sandoval Sanchez

Please use our group email account to reach any member of the U of T Student Campus Group.

SfP Ryerson Campus group executive members

  • President:
  • Vice-President:
  • Co-VP Finances:
  • Co-Events Coordinators:
  • Outreach Director:
  • VP-Communications:
  • First-Year Representative:

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