82.44. Scientists, The Arms Race And Disarmament

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The enclosed statement issued from the PUGWASH/UNESCO Symposium held in Corsica in February 1982 should be given wide publicity among our fellow-scientists. We quote: “the urgent task for all scientists to help in stopping and reversing the arms race and to work for general disarmament….can no longer be left to the small number of scientists actively involved (at present). It should be the duty of all scientists to acquaint themselves with these issues”.

We encourage members of Science for Peace who are members of a Canadian (or U.S.) professional society to arrange to have this statement and these specific proposals for action published in the society’s house-hournal. For example, we are requesting that this statement be published in Physics in Canada, the house-journal of the Canadian Association of Physicists (and also in Physics Today for the American Physical Society). Physicists should write in support of this proposal to the editor of the journal. The statement would no doubt gain recruits for Science For Peace if along with it were published our statement of objectives and invitation to join. Tell the editor to write to us for a print of our masthead

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