Thu, Feb 09, 2017: Cyber Security working group meeting

Initial meeting. Thu February 9, 7:00pm in Room 044, University College, 15 Kings’ College Circle, University of Toronto.

Chairs: Sam Lanfranco ; 613 476-0429 and Jack Gemmell ; 905 916-5433.

This new working group has been formed to discuss public policies regarding computer exploitations and attacks aimed at extracting information, spreading false news, and (especially) disrupting or destroying critical infrastructure as part of strategies of hybrid or parallel warfare. Cyberspace has become a battlefield and a cyber arms race is on. Science for Peace submitted a proposal to the Federal government’s consultation on cyber security urging that Canada work toward the development of a treaty to prohibit cyber attacks on critical civilian infrastructure. If you are interested in these and related issues, we invite you to join us.