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Dewes, Dr. Kate, Hiroshima and the World (essays) (Hiroshima Peace Media) Ellis, Deb, Off to War: Voices of Soldiers’ Children (Groundwood Books, 2008) Falk, Richard and Kreiger, David, eds, At the Nuclear Precipice: Catastrophe or Transformation? (Macmillan, 2009) 316pp. Leopold, Ellen, Under the Radar: Cancer and the Cold War (Rutgers University Press 2009) Moore, Michael, … Read more Book Nook

The Nuclear Abolition Imperative

To fully appreciate the extent to which NATO’s retentionist doctrine has become an anachronism, it is necessary to also appreciate the full extent of the remarkable shift in professional judgment and public opinion toward nuclear abolition. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told a New York audience in October, 2008, that “a world free of nuclear weapons … Read more The Nuclear Abolition Imperative

What Can You Do Through Mayors for Peace?

A speech by Phyllis Creighton for the Canadian Peace Alliance Conference, 6 Dec. 2008 at Ryerson University, Student Campus Centre Mayors for Peace is potentially a useful instrument in the dangerous times we live in. The world bristles with vast nuclear arsenals — 25,000 nuclear weapons. The probability they will be used is increasing. The … Read more What Can You Do Through Mayors for Peace?

Note from the President of Science for Peace

One of the common threads that run across a range of injustices is the invisibility of victims. Victims are not always invisible: they can be the objects of derision, contempt, and the projective screen for all sorts of fantasies that serve to rationalize acts of aggression. Perhaps this invisibility is a feature of violence against … Read more Note from the President of Science for Peace

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